What Is Another Word For Obey?

What word means a person who doesn’t obey the rules?

nonconformistA nonconformist is someone who doesn’t conform to other people’s ideas of how things should be..

Why are rules so important?

When used appropriately, rules provide a sense of predictability and consistency for children, thereby promoting physical and emotional safety. Rules help guide actions toward desired results.

What is disobedience to authority called?

insubordination. Disobedience to authority is called: morale. The mental and emotional condition, enthusiasm, loyalty, or confidence of an individual or group with regard to the function or tasks at hand is called: procrastination.

What is another word for following the rules?

This is a modal window….What is another word for follow the rules?act honestlycomplyobey the ruleskeep to the rulesact in accordance with the rulesstick to the rulesplay it by the bookdo what one is toldadhere to the rulescomply with the rules55 more rows

What is the meaning of obey?

1 : to follow the commands or guidance of He always obeys his parents. 2 : to conform to or comply with obey an order Falling objects obey the laws of physics. intransitive verb. : to behave obediently The dog does not always obey.

What is the word for disrespecting authority?

The definition of insubordinate is someone who is not submissive to authority or that is not following orders. When you talk back to your boss and refuse to do what he has asked you to, this is an example of when you are insubordinate. … Rebellious or defiant to authority.

What is the meaning of listen?

: to pay attention to someone or something in order to hear what is being said, sung, played, etc. —used to tell a person to listen to what you are saying. : to hear what someone has said and understand that it is serious, important, or true.

What is the synonym of obey?

In this page you can discover 80 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for obey, like: answer-to, comply, accept, yield, submit, rebel, acquiesce, mind, do what one is told, follow and serve.

What is another word for listen?

In this page you can discover 63 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for listen, like: listen to, overhear, give attention, attend, hearken, be attentive, incline an ear to, lend-an-ear, strain one’s ears, listen-in and monitor.

What is the opposite of rude?

Antonyms: polite, processed, late, later(a), refined. Synonyms: uncivil, yokelish, unmannered, unmannerly, lowbred, natural, underbred, raw(a), ill-mannered, primitive, ill-bred, rude(a), crude, bad-mannered, bounderish.

What is it called when someone is above the law?

scofflaw : –noun 1. a person who flouts the law, especially one who fails to pay fines owed. 2. a person who flouts rules, conventions, or accepted practices.

What’s an antonym for listen?

Antonyms of LISTEN refuse, reject, deny, disregard, miss, turn away, discount, ignore, forget, disobey, talk, slight, scorn, neglect, dispute, speak.

What is another word for rules?

Some common synonyms of rule are canon, law, ordinance, precept, regulation, and statute.

What word means rule by woman?

matriarchyMatriarchy can also be used more broadly to describe a family that is ruled by a powerful woman. … The opposite of matriarchy is patriarchy, a system in which men are the ones holding the power.

What is the opposite of listen?

listen. Antonyms: disregard, ignore, refuse, repudiate. Synonyms: hear, attend, hearken, incline, give ear, heed.