Quick Answer: How Many Goals Did Harry Kane Score Last Season?

How many goals did Harry Kane score in the World Cup?

6 goalsHarry Kane’s 6 goals: the Golden Boot in stats.

England striker Harry Kane has won the prize for the most number of goals scored at the 2018 World Cup.

It’s called the Golden Boot.

Here’s how he did it..

How much is Harry Kane worth?

With a market value of £108.00m, Harry Kane is ranked number 1 among all players of at Spurs. With a market value of £108.00m, Harry Kane is ranked number 2 among all players of the Premier League.

How old is rashford?

23 years (October 31, 1997)Marcus Rashford/Age

How many times has Harry Kane won the Golden Boot?

Harry Kane recorded the highest goals-to-games ratio to win the award, scoring 29 goals in 30 games in 2016–17 for a rate of 0.97….Premier League Golden BootThierry Henry has won the most Golden Boot awards with four.Awarded forThe leading goalscorer in a given Premier League season.6 more rows

Who is the youngest player to score in the Premier League?

Current club: Pafos Hepburn-Murphy set the Villa record when he came on at just 16 years and 176 days old in the Premier League game against Sunderland in 2015.

How many Premier League goals did Harry Kane score last season?

25 goalsKane ended the season winning the Premier League Golden Boot, finishing one goal ahead of Sergio Agüero and Jamie Vardy with 25 goals.

How many goals does Harry Kane have in 2019?

Harry Kane’s Form Analysis He scored a total of 7 goals so far in the season in the league, which places him at 2nd in the Tottenham Hotspur squad’s Top Scorers list.

Who is the highest ever goal scorer in the Premier League?

Alan ShearerAdjust FiltersRankPlayerStat1Alan Shearer2602Wayne Rooney2083Andrew Cole1874Sergio Agüero18016 more rows

Has Harry Kane won the Golden Boot?

England captain Harry Kane has won the Golden Boot after finishing as the World Cup’s top scorer with Croatia’s Luka Modric winning the Golden Ball for being the player of the tournament.

Who is the top goal scorer of all time?

RankingRankPlayerTotal Goals1Josef Bican+8052Romário7723Pelé7674Cristiano Ronaldo74625 more rows

Who is the top scorer of all time?

Based on data from RSSSF, Goal runs down a list of the top 10 goalscorers in all official competitions in the history of the beautiful game.Wikipedia. … #7 Lionel Messi | 635 goals. … #6 Cristiano Ronaldo | 670 goals. … #5 Gerd Muller | 735 goals. … #4 Ferenc Puskas | 746 goals. … #3 Pele | 767 goals. … #2 Romario | 772 goals. … Wikipedia.More items…•

How many goals did Harry Kane score in 2020?

7 goalsIn the English Premier League season 2020/21, Harry Kane has played 8 matches. They have 15 shots on target from a total of 29 shots and have scored 7 goals (6.56 xG).