Question: Where Is The Best Place To See Bears Alaska?

What is the best time to see bears in Alaska?

When can you see bears in Alaska.

The Alaska cruise season begins in late April and continues through September.

This coincides with the best time to view bears in Alaska – July through early September..

Where are bears in Alaska?

In Alaska, black bears occur over most of the forested areas of the state; depending on the season of the year, they may be found from sea level to alpine areas. They are not found on the Seward Peninsula, on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, or north of the Brooks Range.

What is the best month to see whales in Alaska?

If you are wanting to visit Alaska to see whales, it’s best to go on a cruise during June and July after the whales have made their migration. However if you want to see bears in Alaska, the best time to travel to Alaska is during the month of May.

Are there grizzly bears in Ketchikan?

Grizzlies are just right around the corner though and can be found on the mainland behind our island and in many of the communities north of here. As a result of our abundant resources like berries and salmon, our black bears are generally well fed on their own and don’t take much of an interest in people.

Where is the best bear viewing in Alaska?

Some of the most incredible bear viewing in Alaska is near Anchorage. Iconic spots like Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Lake Clark National Park, Redoubt Bay and McNeil River are all a short float plane flight from the city, and many air services can get you there for a day of unrivaled access.

Are bears a problem in Alaska?

Alaska is bear country and one of the few places in the world where all three species of North American bears live. You may have a chance to see a bear in Alaska. … Many bears live in Alaska and many people enjoy the outdoors, but surprisingly few people see bears and only a few of those are ever threatened by a bear.

Are there wolves in Alaska?

Alaska is home to an estimated 7,000 to 11,000 wolves. Wolves have never been threatened or endangered in Alaska.

Are there whales in Glacier Bay?

Glacier Bay is a Humpback Whale sanctuary. In the park’s waters, Humpback Whales benefit from some of the strongest protections found anywhere on our planet. Once in rapid decline, the number of whales spotted in Glacier Bay is growing every year.

What month is the best weather in Alaska?

The best time to visit Alaska is between mid-June and mid-September. The warmer weather and long days make this a particularly pleasant time of year, with temperatures around the mid-to-late teens.

What is the rainiest month in Alaska?

AugustJune is the driest of the summer months, July the warmest, and August generally the rainiest month of the brief summer, but warmer than June.

Where are the grizzly bears in Grand Teton?

Grizzly Bears Where to See Grizzlies: In Yellowstone go to Lamar, Hayden and Pelican valleys and Yellowstone and Heart lakes. In Grand Teton, go to Willow Flats, Two Ocean/Emma Mathilde lakes, Oxbow Bend, Cascade and Death canyons.

What is the best month for whale watching in Alaska?

The best time to whale watch is from April to November, when approximately 600 humpbacks inhabit the waters of the northern Inside Passage. Whale watching tours are offered in Juneau and near Glacier Bay.

Are there grizzly bears in South Dakota?

Grizzly bears once numbered about 50,000 and ranged over much of North America, including much of South Dakota and North Dakota. … The bears roam both inside and outside the park, and their range has been expanding as their numbers have grown.

What time of year are whales in Alaska?

Whales begin their migration from the warm waters of Mexico in February arriving in Alaska waters in April. Various species of whales can be seen throughout Alaska during the months of May through September. It is not uncommon for cruise passengers to see whales right from the deck of the ship.

Can you see the northern lights from an Alaskan cruise?

If you want to see the northern lights, you have to be in the right place at the right time. … This makes April through September the best time to cruise to Alaska to see the northern lights, especially near the autumnal and vernal equinoxes, when activity peaks.

Which Celebrity Cruise ship is best for Alaska?

Celebrity MillenniumCelebrity Millennium With all the updates, this ship makes our list of the best Alaskan cruises of 2020.

Where is the best place to see bears?

The 10 Best Trails to See BearsBrook Falls Trail, Katmai National Park, AK. … Half Dome Trail, Yosemite National Park, CA. … Abrams Falls Trail, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN. … Ptarmigan Lake Trail, Glacier National Park, MT. … Slough Creek Trail, Yellowstone National Park, WY. … Jenny Lake Loop, Grand Teton National Park, WY.More items…•

Are the waters rough on an Alaskan cruise?

Rough Waters: The majority of sailing on an Alaska cruise is done in the protected waters of the Inside Passage, but ships sailing to Seward, Whittier or Anchorage must cross the Gulf of Alaska, which is much rougher. Cruise staffers say the gulf gets especially bad after Labor Day, in the shoulder season.

Are bears in Alaska dangerous?

Black bears inhabit most of Alaska’s forests. Polar bears frequent the pack ice and tundra of extreme northern and western Alaska. Bears are curious, intelligent and potentially dangerous animals, but undue fear of bears can endanger both bears and people. … Most bears tend to avoid people.

How cold is Alaska in April?

In most years, Anchorage averages a daily maximum temperature for April that’s between 41 and 48 degrees Fahrenheit (5 to 9 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature usually falls between 26 and 32 °F (-3 to 0 °C). The days at Anchorage warm up most rapidly during April.

Where is the best place to see Yellowstone bears?

Bear Hot SpotsLamar Valley. The Lamar Valley is justifiably famous as a wildlife haven. … Hayden Valley. Go to Grizzly Overlook or stop at Elk Antler Creek and. … Yellowstone Lake. … Sylvan Pass. … Mammoth Hot Springs. … Swan Lake Flat. … Tower/Roosevelt. … Dunraven Pass.More items…