Question: What Is Another Word For Wit?

What can I say instead of my?

What is another word for my?my ownmy personalmy very ownone’smamahmemuh.

What to say instead of all in all?

Synonyms & Antonyms of all in allall around,all told,altogether,collectedly,collectively,inclusively,overall,together.

What is shark week for a girl?

Shark week as a slang for a women’s period first appeared on Urban Dictionary in 2005. While the Urban Dictionary entry might have had misogynistic undertones, the term has since been embraced by many women who use it humorously or colloquially.

What’s a nice word for dumb?

Synonym Study In this page you can discover 51 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for dumb, like: blockheaded, senseless, stupid, dull, moronic, mute, inarticulate, inane, unintelligent, dense and foolish.

What is a pregnant animal called?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gestation is the period of development during the carrying of an embryo or fetus inside viviparous animals. It is typical for mammals, but also occurs for some non-mammals. Mammals during pregnancy can have one or more gestations at the same time, for example in a multiple birth.

What is pregnant slang?

13 Bun In The Oven This is one of the most common slang terms for being pregnant and it’s still pretty widely used today.

What is a fancy word for period?

Some common synonyms of period are age, epoch, and era.

What is the another name of pregnancy?

What is another word for pregnancy?gestationgraviditypregnantexpectingprogressionprogressfecundationreproductionwith childbeing pregnant12 more rows

What is a slow witted person called?

dim-witted, doltish, dopey. (also dopy), dorky.

What is a smart person called?

clever, bright, brilliant, sharp, quick, quick-witted, quick on the uptake, smart, canny, astute, intuitive, thinking, acute, alert, keen, insightful, perceptive, perspicacious, penetrating, discerning. ingenious, inventive. knowledgeable. apt, able, gifted, talented. informal brainy, genius.

What is a word for someone who is good at everything?

A polymath (Greek: πολυμαθής, polymathēs, “having learned much”)1 is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas; such a person is known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.

How do you describe someone who knows everything?

A pantomath is a person who wants to know and knows everything. … In theory, a pantomath is not to be confused with a polymath in its less strict sense, much less with the related but very different terms philomath and know-it-all.

What is the synonym of wit?

SYNONYMS. intelligence, shrewdness, astuteness, cleverness, canniness, acuteness, acuity, sharpness, sharp-wittedness, sense, good sense, common sense, wisdom, sagacity, judgement, understanding, acumen, discernment, perception, insight, percipience, perspicacity. brains, mind. informal nous, gumption, horse sense.

What is another word for with?

What is another word for with?andin addition toin conjunction withon top ofalongsidein parallel withcombined within tandem withbesidesover and above20 more rows

What can I say instead of while?

Synonyms for the same time.during.during the the time.throughout the time.whilst.

What is a metaphor for someone who is very smart?

Einstein is the metaphor to describe about someone who is very smart.

What is slang for period?

Aunt Flo/Auntie Flow. Time of the month. On the rag. Red tide/army.

What do the British call a period?

full stopThe full stop (Commonwealth English), period (North American English) or full point . is a punctuation mark.

Who is a dumb person?

lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid; dull-witted. lacking the power of speech (offensive when applied to humans): a dumb animal. temporarily unable to speak: dumb with astonishment. refraining from any or much speech; silent.

What does foolish mean?

Foolish, fatuous, silly, inane, stupid, asinine imply weakness of intellect and lack of judgment. Foolish implies lack of common sense or good judgment or, sometimes, weakness of mind: a foolish decision; The child seems foolish.

How do you say someone is pregnant?

So the first one is very simple and very formal, when you say, Oh my wife is expecting or she’s expecting. So expecting is a very formal way of saying, when someone is pregnant. Okay so if it’s your friend who’s pregnant, you can say, oh Benny is expecting her first child or her second child.