Question: What Are The LOL Dolls Names?

What do the LOL dolls stand for?

Little Outrageous LittlesSurprise.

Dolls (the L.O.L is short for “Little Outrageous Littles”, in case you’re wondering), which are shaping up to be the breakout toy of 2017..

What is the name of the mermaid LOL doll?

MerbabyMerbaby is the only Series 1 character not to wear shoes, since she’s a mermaid. To make up for this perceived ‘lack of accessory’, she comes with a plate of sushi instead. She is the first mermaid LOL, followed by Splash Queen.

Who are the LOL dolls?

L.O.L. Surprise! dolls were created by MGA Entertainment, the company behind the oversexualized plastic Bratz Dolls that were a hit in the early 2000s.

What series is LOL punk boy?

Punk BoiClubRockCharacter #3-024Series3RarityUltra Rare6 more rows

Is there a boy OMG doll?

Surprise! O.M.G. boy fashion doll. Rocker Boi is the the big brother to fan favorite character, Rocker.

What are the names of the boy lol dolls?

All the Boy LOL Dolls So FarKing Bee: tot from LOL Boy Series.Sunny: tot from LOL Boy Series.Nightfall: tot from LOL Boy Series.His Royal High-Ney: tot from LOL Boy Series.Smarty Pants: tot from LOL Boy Series.Luau: tot from LOL Boy Series.Do-Si-Dude: tot from LOL Boy Series.Boy Next Door: tot from LOL Boy Series.More items…•