Question: How Long Can A Pacu Fish Live?

Are pacu fish dangerous?

“Pacu are not dangerous to humans,” says fish biologist and National Geographic explorer Zeb Hogan, who studies the animals at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Pacus have appeared in Arizona, Michigan, and other places, but they pose a greater threat to ecosystems than to human bathers..

What fish can live with Pacu?

Red bellied pacus are not aggressive fish and, though they prefer to be kept with others of their own species, they can be kept with other fish. Other large, friendly species like datnoids, oscars, and arowana make suitable tank mates for the red bellied pacu.

Can pacu live with piranha?

The 3 Piranhas, Black Pacu, and Red Belly Pacu got along great.

Will Pacu eat guppies?

They eat fruits and plant matter in the Amazon, but if this is not available, then, and only then, will they forced to be omnivorous…. That means if you feed the pacu enough fruits and veggies, then it will not be interested in the guppies… Pacus are only carnivorous when their owners train them to be.

How fast do Pacu fish grow?

The red belly pacu will grow rather quickly and may reach 12 – 24 inches (30 – 61 cm) if properly taken care of. Given their potential adult size you will need an enormous tank to keep one at home, at least 250 gallons (940 liters). You will also need an extremely efficient aquarium filter to filter the tank water.