Is There WiFi On Castaway Cay?

Can I bring snacks on Disney Cruise?

You are welcome to bring: Nonperishable snack foods in sealed, original packaging.

All items must either be consumed prior to returning to your home port or remain unopened.

Breast milk, in carry-on luggage only..

What is the cheapest month to go on a Disney cruise?

Generally speaking, the least expensive time to take a Disney cruise is in mid- to late January, early February or early May. Some weeks in March and April also have lower-than-average prices. Later in the year, September and early November and early December are good options.

Can I bring my own snorkel gear to Castaway Cay?

When visiting Disney’s amazing private island, Castaway Cay, guests are more than welcome to bring their own personal snorkel gear. … There’s no charge to snorkel with your personal equipment, but all snorkelers will be required to wear a life vest in the lagoon.

Is there WiFi on Disney Dream cruise ship?

Wireless Internet Access Using the onboard WiFi, connect anywhere on the ship and chat, post pictures on social media or simply stay connected while at sea. You can share a single Connect@Sea package. Simply login to your account on any device that you want to use to access the Internet.

Is Castaway Cay owned by Disney?

Castaway Cay is a private island in the Bahamas which serves as an exclusive port for the Disney Cruise Line ships. … In 1997, The Walt Disney Company purchased a 99-year land lease (through 2096) for the cay from the Bahamian government, giving the company substantial control over the island.

Do I need beach towels on Disney Cruise?

No need to bring your own beach towels on the ship because towels are provided on the pool deck. … If you think you’ll need your own towels for a solo adventure, consider buying new Disney Cruise Line themed beach towels onboard in the gift shops.

Is food free on Castaway Cay?

Food is included on your Castaway Cay day Meals are included on the ship on your Disney Cruise Line vacation, and food is also included on your day at Castaway Cay. From about 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., a beach barbecue buffet is served at three different locations: Cookie’s BBQ, Cookie’s Too BBQ and Serenity BBQ.

Is all food free on Disney Cruise?

Food on Disney Cruise Line is included in your cruise fare, but the pre-packaged snacks sold outside the theaters are not. There is a concession stand that sells candy, popcorn and drinks. … With all the food and drinks available for free, this is a cost that is easily avoided, but may help to know about it in advance.

What is included on Castaway Cay?

Castaway Cay Getaway Package – includes snorkeling and floats for the whole day and a 1-hour bike rental, $46 for adults, $26 per child. Strollers, complimentary on a first come basis. Sand wheelchairs complimentary on a first come basis.

Is bottled water free on Disney Cruise?

You asked a great question! Yes, you may bring a case of bottled water along with you on your Disney Cruise so long as the water is unopened and packaged in its original packaging. It’s very important that bottles of water are brought onboard in your carry-on luggage, not your checked baggage.

Has a Disney cruise ship ever sunk?

“Our boat on the jungle cruise sank today. … According to BuzzFeed News, Disney confirmed that one of the boats for the ride did fill with water, but said that everyone was safe and the ride reopened. The Reedy Creek Fire Station, which services Disney World, was called.

How did little girl dies on cruise ship?

Eighteen-month-old Chloe Wiegand fell from the open window of a cruise ship docked in Puerto Rico in July. Her grandfather, Salvatore Anello, was playing with her near a window on the 11th floor when she fell, and he has been charged with negligent homicide.

What happens if you get sick on a Disney cruise?

The facilities provide non-emergency medical care throughout your cruise. The medic on board will provide complimentary seasickness medications (PLEASE NOTE: These must be taken before you are feeling sick) as well as minor first aid including bandages, and over-the-counter medications for minor ailments.

Can you stay overnight at Castaway Cay?

Castaway Cay is only open for day trips on Disney Cruise Line – you can’t stay overnight, though some staff who work on the island live there year-round, such as the island’s manager and landscaper.

Can I use my cell phone on a Disney cruise?

Disney Cruise ships offer Cellular at Sea, an advanced onboard network that allows Guests using most wireless providers to use their cell phones and tablets while at sea. … You may also use our ships’ public phones for ship-to-shore calling (charged per call) without using a wireless plan.

Does Castaway Cay have lockers?

There Are No Lockers – When exploring Castaway Cay, I never found any lockers where I could store my beach bag and personal items. … Don’t Bring Cash – Much like aboard ship, cash is not accepted on Castaway Cay except at the Post Office.

Has anyone died on a Disney cruise?

Her disappearance was the first such incident in the history of Disney Cruise Line….Disappearance of Rebecca Coriam.Rebecca CoriamDisappeared21 March 2011 (aged 24)StatusMissing for 9 years, 9 months and 9 daysNationalityBritishOccupationCruise ship crew3 more rows