How Much Of India Is Jungle?

Which is the greenest state of India?

state of MizoramIndia’s northeast is perhaps its greenest region.

The state of Mizoram has close to 90 per cent of its area covered in forests making it the unanimous winner for the greenest state in India..

Which Indian state has largest forest area?

Top 5 states having highest forest cover area-wise:Madhya Pradesh.Arunachal Pradesh.Chhattisgarh.Odisha.Maharashtra.

Which state has lowest forest in India?

HaryanaIn 2017, Haryana had the lowest forest cover with respect to total geographical area in India at 6.79 percent. Trailing closely behind was the state of Punjab with 6.87 percent tree cover. Both Haryana and Punjab are located in the northern part of India.

How many forest are there in India?

In 2018, the total forest and tree cover in India increased to 24.39% or 8,02,088 km2. It increased further to 24.56 percent or 807,276 square kilometres in 2019….Forest Types and assessment.Type of forestArea (in square kilometres)Percentage of total forestTotal (Forest Cover + Scrub)7,54,25298.2619 more rows

Has forest cover in India increased?

The latest India State of Forest Report (ISFR) brings unexpected good news that the forest cover in the country has improved by 3,976 sq km between 2017 and 2019. … The total forest cover in the country is now 21.67% as against 21.54% in 2017. There is a 3% increase from 2011.

Which city has most trees in India?

GandhinagarGandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat and a well-maintained, planned city known for its vast number of trees. Located on the banks of the River Sabarmati, Gandhinagar has around 32 lakh trees and is one of the cleanest and greenest cities of India.