How Far Is Little Rock To Hot Springs?

How many days do you need in Hot Springs Arkansas?

hiking the National Park Mountains.

At least one day for MAGIC SPRINGS and/or its Water Park.

At least one day for OAKLAWN HORSE RACING..

What is the best time to go to Hot Springs Arkansas?

The best time to visit Hot Springs is August to October and February to April. Many of the attractions in and around Hot Springs revolve around the water, so travelers will be most comfortable visiting during the warmer months, when drying off won’t immediately induce shivering.

Is Hot Springs AR safe?

From the gauges displayed above, you will notice that Hot Springs is safer than 13% of other cities in the state of Arkansas. In addition, Hot Springs is safer than 5% of cities in the entire United States.

Can you swim in hot springs?

Can you swim in hot springs? It depends, if it is a bathhouse or a small tub, then the answer is no. But, if you are in a spacious hot spring pool, then yes, you can swim. But always ask the resort policy before doing it.

What airline flies out of Hot Springs AR?

Southern AirwaysSouthern Airways provides commercial flights to Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) daily. Southern Airways operates the Cessna Caravan (C208), a nine-passenger aircraft.

How far is Hot Springs from Dallas?

248 milesThe distance between Dallas and Hot Springs is 248 miles. The road distance is 295.9 miles.

How far is Little Rock Arkansas to Hot Springs?

The total driving distance from Little Rock, AR to Hot Springs, AR is 55 miles or 89 kilometers.

What is the closest major airport to Hot Springs Arkansas?

Hot Springs Memorial Field AirportHot Springs is served by Hot Springs Memorial Field Airport, also commonly referred to as Memorial Field, Memorial Fld, or simply Hot Springs Airport. The airport code is HOT.

How far from Memphis to Hot Springs Arkansas?

176.24 milesThere are 176.24 miles from Hot Springs to Memphis in northeast direction and 188 miles (302.56 kilometers) by car, following the I-40 route. Hot Springs and Memphis are 3 hours 1 min far apart, if you drive non-stop .

How far is Malvern from Hot Springs?

17 milesThe distance between Malvern and Hot Springs is 17 miles. The road distance is 20.8 miles.

What is there to do in Hot Springs Arkansas at night?

The Best 10 Nightlife in Hot Springs, ARThe Rooftop Bar. 2.3 mi. 14 reviews. Bars. … The Big Chill. 0.8 mi. 15 reviews. $ Music Venues, Bars. … Ohio Club. 2.3 mi. 412 reviews. … Hot Springs Bathhouse Dinner Theatre. 2.0 mi. 14 reviews. … Starlite Club. 1.8 mi. 2 reviews. … Maxine’s. 2.0 mi. 137 reviews. … Oaklawn Racing & Gaming. 0.6 mi. 65 reviews. … Martinis On The Bay. 3.1 mi. 5 reviews.More items…

What is the biggest airport in Arkansas?

Bill and Hillary Clinton National/Adams FieldThe biggest international airport in Arkansas is Bill and Hillary Clinton National/Adams Field with passenger count 1031258 and smallest airport is Memorial Field with passenger count is 4775.